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• 4/6/2014

Max Stats

Maxing fighters
Just a heads up and for clarification, the max stats are for when a fighter is on its 'Final Form' and maxed out. For example when a Cory (Rare) is fused until it becomes Super Rare, and is maced out. Please do not add stats in infobox unless they are its final maximum possible stats!

If you have other maxed stats possibly include them on that specific fighters page under a heading named 'stats' or something alike, or in the comments, but not​ in the infobox!

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• 4/14/2014

Small update: fusion of UR++ with UR gave me 14% more in stats

• 4/15/2014
so what you guys suggest. fuse maxed fighter with the same category. beceause it takes too long to do that
• 4/15/2014

As I said before, all fusions with the exception of UC++ > L fusion (as in, whatever you use to fuse a UR++ to a Legendary) give +20% of the sacrificed fighters stats. UC++ > L gives roughly +35% of the sacrificed fighters stats.

@Hyo123 - The game isn't supposed to be "fast paced". It's progressive. Both level up schemes are highly functional, and both are somewhat time consuming. As for which strategy will get you to farming 8 copies of Epic Bosses faster? In my opinion, it's using 8-fighter UC's. Simply because they level up so much faster (especially those last ten levels in each level up cycle), and are generally so easy to farm. Not to mention, you can also farm up Epic Bosses while you level up your team. Any time you manage to get at least 4 Rares off a boss, you've managed to get enough to make a sturdy unit.

Just keep in mind that leveling Rares does take longer (they require more exp per level, and also have 10 more levels than UC's). Not to mention, whatever Rare you farm from a boss, you really shouldn't use on the following week, since the next boss is almost always whatever element the boss you just got is weak against. i.e.: The next boss will most likely be Water, since this boss is Fire.

• 4/21/2014

ok so i have a question, i recently aquired nia, storm prodigy (UR), kid vicious(SR), and i have 6 spikas......... that is the best way 2 level them up the fastest? or will i just need 2 follow the preceding formula for a longer amount of time? also ive been holding on to any rare fighter that comes my way...always a good choice or no?

• 4/22/2014

clockworkpenguin...As I said before, all fusions with the exception of UC++ > L fusion (as in, whatever you use to fuse a UR++ to a Legendary) give +20% of the sacrificed fighters stats. UC++ > L gives roughly +35% of the sacrificed fighters stats

you mean by the L.. you mean put uc++ in the Left side and maxed UC on the right side. to get good stats?

• 5/9/2014
ClockworkPenguin wrote:

Again, its just a suggestion. Hell, in truth, I honestly recommend that players form a team of 4-fighter UC's before they build a set of 8-fighter UC's. However, a squad of 4-fighter UC's should be more than sufficient to farm at least 4 copies of each Elite Boss, so it's entirely possible to seamlessly transition from 4-fighter UC's to 4-fighter Rares. For top tier PvP, and probably way late game (after they add the rest of the content) though, you'll most likely require full 8-fighter Rares. 8-fighter UC's take longer to build, but they're beefy enough to farm all 8 Epic Boss copies (provided you spam your critical as soon as its full).

It really boils down to how you want to tackle bosses.. Solid consistantly while building a progressively stronger team (8-fighter UC's transitioning to 8-fighter Rares), or a more gradual incline while still gaining wins all along the way (4-fighter UC's transitioning to 4-fighter Rares, transitioning again to 8-fighter Rares).

I am currently farming 8 copies of the boss with a 4- fighter build team. And have done that for the last 2 bosses. The 4- fighter UC take about 4 days to build each. I just make sure I have the proper element for at least one guy who I use the critical hit for. And remove from the team guys who are weak to the bosses’ element. It has worked out just fine; I can collect 5-6 copies without even using all-out attack mode. Generally that can be done in the first few days of the event. And right now on the last day i am collecting my 60th kill. So it’s not optimal for everyone. But it is very doable.

• 5/9/2014

here a small overview,  the values are average values of all fighters of the average value of all 4 Values.  Means add all 4 Values of a maxed fighter of the type and devide it by 4

The Values in Orange and Red are estimated, red is fully estimated, and the Orange values i get by a Calculated Table someone posted

Here you can see on the left which fighters will paste to that you need, and right you can see what a Potential they have if you work further on them

The Collors right of the Value are only for a bether overview like worse, bad, ok, good, bether, epic

This should help at the decision to work on a UR+ or on a R8, or on a SR8 or a UR4

C 143 UC8 594
UC 226 R8 928
C+ 268 UC8 594
R 317 SR8 1267
C++4 410 UC4 562
UC+ 413 R8 928
C++8 418 UC8 594
SR 426 UR8 1550
UR 540 L8 2269
UC4 562
R+ 576 SR8 1267
UC8 594
UC++4 618 R4 860
UC++8 647 R8 928
SR+ 800 UR8 1550
R4 860
R++4 861 SR4 1200
R++8 890 SR8 1267
R8 928
UR+ 945 L8 2269
SR++4 1100 UR4 1350
SR4 1200
SR++8 1200 UR8 1550
SR8 1267
UR4 1350
UR++4 1365 L4 1852
UR++8 1458 L8 2269
UR8 1550
L4 1852
L8 2269
• 5/9/2014

the table is still under construcktion, but next update will need 1-2 months

• 7/26/2014

I have done just the basic formula. 4 fighters (Muerte) maxed each of them to maximum fusing and starting over and he's stats are: HP:1931 attack: 1909. i have seen higher stats posted here but mine work really well and not need to waste so much time maxing 8 or 16 figthers.

• 8/13/2014

So just spent 3 days reading all these replies, gives great insight into the game mechanics,

then login today and they have changed the mechanics lol all my basic UR fighters are stronger then my upgraded UC/R Fighters

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