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• 4/12/2014

A Few Questions (Second Element,Fighter Level )

Before i Start,

"hy together" :)    ok lets start ^^

What is that Second Element for some bosses have, is it more attack or more Def or both.

Example: Manos has Earth and Lightning. Does this mean

he take more Damage by Shadow and Earth and Deal more Damage to Water and Lightning ?

Does C only have 20 levels ? And if i Fuse him to UC does he have after Fusion to UC 30 Level ?

Does SR have 50 Level, UR have 60 Level and Legendary have 70 Level ?

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• 4/13/2014

I'm not an expert because I just started playing about a week ago but this is how I understand it.

You're right on the 2 element fighters, they deal more damage for each element, and also take more damange from each as well.

C only has 20 levels.  Even if you fuse a C all the way into a UC they can still only go to level 20. 

SR does go up to level 50.  I can't say about UR or Legendary because I don't have any but that seems reasonable to assume they go to higher levels. 

• 4/14/2014

Currently UR's max out at 60, and so do Legendaries. If they make a fighter that is L to start (and can go L+, L++, E), then that will max at 70.

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