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Insane Kitty
• 4/15/2014

6-fighter formula efficiency

I was wondering about how efficient is 6-fighter formula compared to 8-fighter. I saw calcualtions someone did comparing 8-fighter and 4-fighter for Dr. Saiphon and i noticed losing on about 50+- stats. 

Anyone knows whats the diference for 6-fighter? I would try it out, but not really in a spot to do so (only some not precise testing like trying to fuse slightly leveled characters etc.), still wanna max out 2 more fighters before i start messing around with the game.

Preferably talking about the B 6-fighter, altho it might be interesting to see how much you lose on losing A instead of B aswell. Assuming B will result in higher stats than A. Just to make things clear i will post the formulas here:

6-fighter formula A

<rank> & <rank> -> <rank>+ (3)

<rank>+ & <rank>+ -> <rank>++

<rank>++ & <rank>+ -> <rankUP>

6-fighter formula B

<rank> & <rank> -> <rank>+ (2)

<rank>+ & <rank> -> <rank>++ (2)

<rank>++ & <rank>++ -> <rankUP>

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Insane Kitty
• 4/15/2014

Prozajik doesn't matter if you use A or B, as both give you the exact same final stats.

As for the difference in final stats from 8 fighter, it all depends on your starting stats.  Just doing quick calculations though you are looking around 60ish point difference on a starting stat of 150 on a UC.

• 4/15/2014

Oh ok, havent found much info about 6-fighter formula, the only comments i read stated, that the B formula gives more stats.

Thanks for the info, i will post some real stats soon, just finishing 6-fighter Raven.

• 4/15/2014
Insane Kitty wrote:
Prozajik doesn't matter if you use A or B, as both give you the exact same final stats.

Confirmed ;)

An UC with a basestat of 100 lvled with 6 fighter will have 46 stats less than doing it with 8 fighter.

• 4/16/2014

it's much better to use 8 fighter formula for UCs

6 fighter formula for Rs (if you can get that many copies of one,try the epic boss rares)

and 4 fighter formula for SRs and above(otherwise it would take you ages to fully max them out)

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