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• 4/21/2014


Should make Nemesis for next weeks Boss and not same week. Takes long time to train Nemesis+++ and its only can use for one week then not useful after that. Waisting time to train it when the Boss is end for the week. Maybe shouyld make Nemesis more stronger so can use it to fight in PVP too.

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• 4/22/2014

It would be helpful to have the nemesis fighters released earlier so that people would have time to level and train them, but from what I have found you don't really need nemesis fighters at all.  I have my team of 'big six' fighters and I can easily get and complete level 60 on epic boss, and if I do end up getting a nemesis fighter I generally don't use them. Regarding the strength of nemesis fighters, they are roughly as strong as your average Rare, and they can be used in your team for PvP, although they will not do any 3x or extra damage.

• 4/23/2014

Nemisis is generaly useless :P Even if they where released in advance.

Resourses spent on leveling them isnt worth it since you will be able to get to lvl 60 without them. Then the resources is better spent on leveling an 8xR fighter.

All those suckers do is cost me keys I could have won an UR with :P

• 4/26/2014

Yep completely agree.  Might as well be uncommons for all the use they are.  I'm not a fan of economy fusing so any chance to be useful would require 6 - 8 copies and a couple weeks to level.

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