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• 4/22/2014

PVP Prize?

Not right prize

Silver medal place 11-50 get 2x SR fighters but

Silver medal place 51-100 get 4x R fighters

4x R fighters together is better than 2x SR fighters.

Its hard to find another sam SR fighter to complete it so prize 51-100 is better.

Should change the prize

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• 4/23/2014

I agree with this since you know the 4-fighter method can be used on the 4x R

• 4/23/2014

Actually, you get atleast 4 (with all likelyhood more) of the same rare each week, so its not as if you wont have enough rare fighters as it is. SR is however not that easy to come by. So even getting the odd 2 is better then 4 rare. I train up a lot of rare fighters since we get plenty of them and making an 8xR fighter takes wastly longer then winning 8 new ones from the epic boss...

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