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Legendaries banner

Legendaries banner, 20th August 2014

Legendary Fighters are currently the best fighters in the game. Previously they could only be obtained by fusing Ultra Rare fighters to UR, UR+, UR++, and then to L. Legendary fighters are the strongest Fighters in the game and max out at level 70. The first legendary fighter was Aiya, available with the update making Epic Boss rarity from Rare to Super Rare, and Aiya introduced in the Elite APC week 12 on the 20th August 2014.

In other GREE GamesEdit

In Knights & Dragons, a similar game made by the same creators of Rage of the Immortals, the rarity system also goes Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary (and then Epic). Knights & Dragons also started off with the highest achievable armor being Ultra Rare, once the playerbase expanded and the game was approx. 12 weeks after release, Legendary Armors were added and Epic Bosses were changed from Super Rare to Legendary. Epic Armors were later added 24th July 2013. 

Name Element Final Form Element Max HP Max Attack Max Defence Max Speed Total Stats Image
Element Earth
Element Water
4408 4709 4852 4368 18337
Aiya render
Element Lightning
Element Fire
4023 4308 4290 4852 17473
Ansgar render
Element Shadow
Element Earth
4455 4890 4676 4403 18424
Duos render
Element Water
Element Shadow
4023 4308 4688 4541 17560
Cordelia render
Element Fire
4610 4926 4589 4384 18509
Element Earth
4512 4309 4318 4506 17645
Actaeon render
Element Water
Element Shadow
4728 4760 4555 4640 18683
Jeanette render
Element Shadow
Element Lightning
4553 4788 4000 4477 17818
Yomika render
Emma The Roboteer
Element Lightning
4731 4811
Apc emma the roboteer jatoori pain
Element Earth
4800 4800
Dashio banner