Rarity 1 uncommon Uncommon
Final Form Rarity Rare
INF Cost 7
Element Element Lightning
Nemesis None

Max Stats

Base Stats

HP 955 HP 99
Attack 891 Attack 62
Defence 960 Defence 102
Speed 957 Speed 100

Kai is a Uncommon fighter in Rage of the Immortals, and can be leveled up and placed in your team to fight alongside your others. To learn more about fighters see Fighters. To see a list of other Uncommon fighters see Uncommon. Kai can also be fused with another Kai to get a stronger version. Find out more about how fusing fighters works at the Fusion page.

How to ObtainEdit

  • Storyline - Given at the start of the storyline


Kai is one of the main NPC's and is on a majority of the missions, both in the StorylinePvP Arena missions, and Epic Boss missions. His personality in-game is a average-intelligence but strong fighter for the anti-Hyperion team, and helps out MireldaEliseWhyson, and Sylvie as the groups tank.

HP 891
Attack 829
Defence 896
Speed 893
Please note that this is not Kai's total maximum stats, but the max stats for levelling Kai the 4-fighter way.

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