Limited Time Missions are missions that are only available for a certain duration of time, generally ranging from several days to a week. There is 15 mini-missions inside each limited time mission, and a small prize is given for the completion of each one. Milestones in the limited time mission will often give better rewards, for example completing 5/10 or 10/10.

List of Limited Time MissionsEdit

# Name Start Date End Date Reward Banner
1 Prepare For Battle June 10 2014 June 13 2014 4x Talia, 3x Fire Training Booster, 10x Cash, 2x Premium Big Rig
2 Unstoppable Force

June 24 2014

June 27 2014 4x Jess , 3x Water Training Booster, 10x Cash, 2x Premium Big Rig
3 All Out Attack! July 4 2014 July 7 2014 4x Lux, 3x Lightning Training Booster , 10x Cash, 2x Premium Big Rig
4 Trench Warfare July 18 2014 July 21 2014 4x Battle Ready 001, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Shadow Training Booster
Trench warfare
5 Death From Above August 1 2014 August 4 2014 4x Master Rhodochros, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Earth Training Booster
Death from above
6 Armored Assault August 18 2014 August 21 2014 4x Ramon, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Fire Training Booster
Armored assault
7 Aquatic Onslaught August 29 2014 September 1 2014 4x Tasha, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Water Training Booster
Aquatic onslaught
8 Stealth Strike September 12 2014 September 14 2014 1x Sophie, 4x Elan, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Lightning Training Booster
Stealth strike
9 Hammer Strike September 19 2014 September 22 2014 1x Katala, 4x Hyde, 10x Cash, 4x Premium Big Rig, 3x Earth Training Booster
Hammer strike