The StoryEdit

The Storyline starts off with you 'waking up' and not knowing who you are or where you came from, and having a (very easy) fight against Chuck. You follow the missions and eventually find out what happened to you. There is currently over 35 levels each with 5 difficulty stages. Each level has it's own set of fighters who once defeated you are given a chance to recruit them. The storyline goes somewhat along the lines of joining a team consisting of MireldaKaiEliseWhyson & Sylvie, who together you fight back against Hyperion; the evil company who create mutant fighters and want to take over the world. 


Storyline Energy appears as a yellow vial and is used in large amounts to fight in a stage. There are several ways to acquire more Storyline Energy, these include waiting for the timer (1 energy per 30 seconds), using facebook to get more energy, or from rewards such as Missions or the Daily Reward.


There are 35 different playable levels in Rage of the Immortals. although GREE is releasing them slowly so not all are available to play yet. Here are the list of known levels:

For a guide to each enemy in each stage all in one convenient place click here

# Name Elements Cost/Stage Enemies
1 The Slums Element Earth                           23-27 Here
2 The City Proper Element FireElement Earth 25-29 Here
3 The Sewers Element Water 27-31 Here
4 Hyperion Inc Tower Element Lightning 29-33 Here
5 Deep Caverns Element Shadow 31-35 Here
6 Bamboo Forest Element EarthElement Water 33-35 Here
7 Northern Peaks Research Lab Element LightningElement Shadow 34-38 Here
8 Subterranean Village Element WaterElement Earth 35-39 Here
9 Earth Temple Element Earth 36-39 Here
10 Ghost Town Element ShadowElement Lightning 37-41 Soon...
11 Infernal Peak Element FireElement Earth 38-42
12 Fire Temple Element Fire 39-43
13 The Portside City of Strata Element ShadowElement Water 40-44
14 The Wharf Element Lightning 41-45
15 SS Gloria Element WaterElement Fire 42-46
16 Shipwreck Element EarthElement Lightning 43-47
17 Water Temple Element Water 44-48
18 Inland Jungle Element EarthElement Shadow 45-49
19 Unity Bridge Element LightningElement Water 46-50
20 Resort Town Element Fire 47-51
21 Storage Facility Element EarthElement Water 48-52
22 Eastbound Train Element ShadowElement Lightning 49-53
23 Daison City Element WaterElement Fire 50-54
24 Lightning Temple Element Lightning 51-55
25 Daison Stadium Element FireElement Earth 52-56
26 Prison Complex Element LightningElement Water 53-57
27 Military Base Element ShadowElement Fire 54-58
28 Khathi Desert Element EarthElement Lightning 55-59
29 Quarry Element FireElement Shadow 56-60
30 Train Yard Element WaterElement Earth 57-61
31 Ancient Ruins Element LightningElement Fire 58-62


In each level there is 5 different stages. The fighters in the stages generally do not vary, but occassionally there will be a new fighter added in a more difficult stage and a lower one removed. An example of this is the Fire Temple, where Noir is subsituted for Borvo in stages 4 and 5.